Walking Away from a Partner

Life holds a great deal of promise for two people who have chosen to build a life together, so walking away from a partner is a serious undertaking. For those who have been together for years, the pain can be just as intense as it is for those who have only been a couple for a short time. Part of the reason for this is the emotional investment each person makes in a relationship, and even the person who chooses to end it can feel just as sad as the one they are leaving.

When any relationship ends, there are generally emotional repercussions. While the person leaving might exhibit signs of happiness, they might have already experienced the sense of loss because they have been preparing to leave for a while. It might come as a surprise to their partner, but it does not necessarily mean a lack of caring. Even the most contentious couples have emotional ties that will be broken once leaving becomes a reality.

Few people can go through life without any emotional bonds with others, and walking away from a relationship tears them apart. The loss is experienced in many different ways, and many people go through a grieving process when it occurs. They feel lost and overwhelmed by their circumstances, and they often lean on family and friends to help them survive. Their feelings are no less real if they are the one leaving, so loved ones should be prepared to assist even those who have initiated the process.

Walking away from a relationship is not always the right move, but it can be the best way for a person to survive emotionally. It does not matter if their partner cheated on them, refused to compromise on important issues, or began being abusive. If the relationship does not feel supportive, they have the right to leave it even though they know they will have to endure the consequences.