Trading a Relationship for a Career

People strive for achievement in life, and their career is often a major factor in counting up their successes. When a person has just begun a relationship and receives an offer to advance their career, they might find they would rather pursue their work goals. Some career options require a large amount of travel for many years, and a significant other who is not willing to travel or wait is often left by the wayside. The relationship will end because a compromise cannot be reached by the partners.

Giving up a career opportunity for a relationship is generally not recommended, and many people have chosen their work over a personal relationship. This seems selfish, but a person who is not free to pursue their goals in life may come to resent their relationship. While breaking off is sad, the anger from frustration over lost opportunity is much worse. This type of relationship ending is sad when it occurs, but both people have a better chance to move on in life because it has not been a long term commitment.