No More Compromise

People getting into a relationship are often willing to make sacrifices for their partner, but there can be times when too much is asked of them. It might be one large sacrifice they are unwilling to make, or it could be a constant stream of them that destroys the relationship. Giving in a relationship is important, but it must come from both sides to keep their partnership moving forward. If only one person is always expected to give up what they want or need, they may soon tire of it.

Selfishness is not an exclusive trait of only a few, but it is not always easy to spot in a potential long term partner. Some people are excellent at giving good reasons to get what they want, and they could have a pattern of asking. The person who continually gives up may be made to feel guilty when they say no, and they could get into the habit of saying yes to avoid confrontation or guilty.

There are times when people simply need something, and asking them to forego it could be the final straw. A person who has caved in constantly during a relationship could finally say enough when something they have worked or waited for is taken from them. They might simply walk away because they know arguing will not work, or they might tell their partner no more compromise. If they do not get cooperation, it could end the relationship immediately.

The give and take necessary to get through life in a healthy relationship is not always easy, but most people are willing to sacrifice if they feel they are getting something in return. If they suddenly realize years have passed while they have gotten nothing, they may finally see there is no more reason for them to stay.