A Temporary Relationship

There is a great deal of freedom in being single, but it is not a state many people want to experience for their entire life. They might see it as a time when they can garner experiences that will give them great memories for their future, but most people will see it as nothing more than the search for a partner. For those who have decided that a future with someone else is not really what they want, every time they begin dating someone they could consider it a temporary relationship.

Remaining single throughout life takes a great deal of courage for some, and those they date might not appreciate their ultimate plans. For those looking for a commitment, it could be construed as an insult. They want to build a future with a partner, and the person only interested in dating for a while without commitment is taking up their time. It will soon become a temporary relationship when the other person realizes they are never going to advance the relationship.

Those who claim they want nothing more than a series of relationships often have issues they are not willing to discuss, and they could find their attitude changing when they meet the right person. Their inability to declare a commitment could cause a breakup, but they could also find their love is taking them into a realm they never imagined entering. Discussing it with the person they are falling for could be a good idea, and they might find compassion instead of pain.

Few people in life really want to spend it all alone, and they might find their real objection is to being hurt by another person. Being open to possibilities is always good, so they should consider that before declaring their current relationship will never be more than a passing dalliance.